Naperville Deck Design Ideas

Naperville Deck Design Ideas

Naperville is a Chicago suburb known for its beautiful homes, strong sense of community, and access to Midwestern beaches! Founded in 1831 on the banks of the DuPage River, this city with a current population near 150,000 people sits just 30 miles outside of the Windy City. There's no question that Naperville residents take pride in their homes. With so much natural beauty to be found at the city's public parks and beaches, it’s no surprise that local homeowners also put a lot of effort into creating beautiful lawns and landscapes. One of the most popular features in Naperville homes is a beautiful deck. The team at Wolf Spirit Decks has been chosen as a premier Naperville deck builder and deck contractor by countless homeowners in the area. As local experts, we understand the complexities of creating deck designs that meet both the aesthetic interests and local climate needs of Chicagoland homes. Here are some deck designs to consider for your upcoming project in Naperville, IL.

Modern Decks

By pairing composite decking with metal railings, you can create a resort-quality deck right in your own yard. Composite decks perform beautifully in the Midwestern climate because they aren't as vulnerable to warping, mold, and other issues caused by the way real wood expands and contracts with the freeze-thaw cycle. Composite styles are available to recreate the look of real wood in a variety of textures and finishes. Finally, black or aluminum balusters give the railing a very neat, modern finish that feels much lighter compared to traditional wood railings. If you're simply doing a deck resurfacing in Naperville, you will be able to keep your deck framing while updating your boards and rails to create a completely new look!

Decks With Seating

More and more homeowners are requesting decks with built-in benches. This feature adds extra seating without the need to add more furniture that can crowd a deck. There's also no worry about furniture blowing away or shifting during storms. Finally, homeowners who have built-in deck benches never have to worry about finding a place to store extra furniture in garages, sheds, or basements during the winter. When you work with Wolf Spirit Decks, we'll take time to design a custom deck layout that incorporates built-in seating that's completely uniform with the rest of your deck look.

Covered Decks

If you're looking for a four-season deck, our team will help you design a fully or partially covered deck that offers the right combination of shelter and shade. Both fully covered designs and pergolas create finished looks that make a deck feel like an extra room for leisure and entertainment. Covering your deck can be a great option if you're designing your deck around a hot tub.

Tiered Decks

Some architectural designs are perfect for a multi-level deck that offers access to the outdoors from multiple points throughout a home. Tall decks with lower levels are especially popular in neighborhoods and communities that overlook lakes and ponds. A tiered deck can also be used to make the best use of space when you have a hilly yard.

Design Your Deck With a Highly Rated Naperville Deck Builder

At Wolf Spirit Deck, our goal is to make your new deck the best part of your home! From deck design to installation, we're here to help you transform your home by creating the ultimate spot for relaxation and entertainment. Our in-house team of product specialists, installers, and measurement technicians is here to help you with every step of planning your new deck. Let us give you a pressure-free quote that will help you take the first step toward getting your project finished. Contact Wolf Spirit Deck today!