Oswego Composite Deck Builder

Ask Your Oswego Composite Deck Builder About Custom Solutions

Oswego is a Chicagoland village that many families call home. It has a small-town feel, but it is close enough to Chicago for commuters and to enjoy all the city has to offer. It has 63 parks and about 16 miles of walking trails. Residents can enjoy the Fox Valley Winery, Prairie Point Splash Playground, and Prairie Point Skate Park. After a day of exploring and fun, Oswego families can return home and enjoy entertainment on their new deck. If you have been thinking about a new deck, you need to find an Oswego composite deck builder who can design one to meet your needs.

New Options in Composite Deck Design

When deciding to put in a new deck, many Oswego homeowners prefer the traditional look of a wooden deck. Wooden deck material is beautiful, but it also requires continual maintenance to keep it looking good. That is why your deck contractor might suggest that you use composite deck material for your new deck.

Your Oswego composite deck builder can find options that look similar to natural wood. You cannot tell that it is not real wood. Composite deck material gives you many colors and textures to choose from. You can find one that matches the style of the architecture of the home, or you can create something completely modern. You can choose options that mimic exotic hardwoods or ones that add contrast. Modern options in railings and lighting also expand the possibilities.

You can choose a more traditional look, or you can have your deck contractor build a custom design for the way you want to live life. You can create an outdoor kitchen for entertaining or an area for the kids to play. Installing a pergola on a section of the deck gives you a perfect place to entertain. You might decide to add some extra seating, built-in planters, or a fireplace for chilly Oswego nights.

More Reasons to Ask Your Deck Builder about Composite Material

Composite deck material has a big advantage over wooden deck material when it comes to maintenance and upkeep. A composite deck is made from plastic and wood held together with a binding agent, wood fiber, and a plastic coating. This combination resists damage from water and is scratch-resistant. Composite deck material is perfect for Oswego winters because it does not swell or react to changes in temperatures. This keeps it looking good for a long time.

Wooden decks must be repainted or refinished every few years to keep them from looking worn and faded. Also, wooden decks have the potential to splinter. This is not a problem with composite deck material, so you don’t have to worry about going barefoot. Composite decks can withstand Chicago winters and resist cracking, splitting, and fading. A composite deck can go as long as 15 years before it begins to show its age. All a composite deck needs is the occasional cleaning with soap and water to keep it looking its best. This lower need for frequent maintenance means savings in the future.

Find a Trusted Oswego Composite Deck Builder

Wolf Spirit Decks has served the Oswego, IL area since 2018, and its founder has over 14 years of experience in the business. Their services include designing your new wooden deck, deck resurfacing, and modern composite deck design. They are an experienced composite deck builder and can help you design the perfect space for relaxing after a day of exploring Oswego’s many things to do. Contact our team, so we can get started on your new deck.