Shorewood Deck Repair Options

Shorewood, IL is a quiet suburb located about 40 minutes southwest of the Chicago Loop. It is a small suburb, but it offers plenty of activities. It is home to several craft brewing companies, parks, yoga studios, and spas. Shorewood residents enjoy an active lifestyle and love spending time on their backyard deck after the day’s adventures. If your deck shows the ravishes of Chicago winters, it might be time to call a Shorewood deck repair professional who can help you get it back in shape for the season.

Shorewood Deck Repair Options

If your deck is looking a little tired, you have several options depending on its condition. A professional deck contractor can help you determine the condition of your deck and which might be best for you.

Deck Resurfacing

If the damage to your deck is mostly cosmetic, then deck resurfacing is an excellent way to make it look new again with little cost. A wooden deck might have cracked or chipped paint, a few scratches or gouges, have fading, or warped boards. These are all caused by age and changes in Chicago weather.

Deck resurfacing is a multi-stage process that can restore your deck and make it look new. Some minor repairs, like replacing a few boards, can be included in deck resurfacing. To be eligible for resurfacing, your deck must be in sound condition otherwise.

Deck Repair

When the damage to your deck goes beyond minor cosmetic work and involves the structural members, you need more than a little resurfacing. Things like extensive rot, water damage, posts that are cracked or rotten, or damaged footings are serious issues that can affect the safety of your deck. Loose railings, steps, or a loose ledger where the deck attaches to the house are other common problems that are considered major damage.

When it comes to these repairs, it is time to weigh whether fixing them or replacing the deck is the most cost-effective solution. Repair that only affects one area of the deck, such as damage from storms, can often be repaired. If the damage is caused by wear and time, the deck often has more than one issue and you might have to consider having it replaced. Your deck contractor is the best person to ask which is the best option for you.


Replacement is the option no one wants to hear, but it can be the best option if your deck needs major repair. A wooden deck is an excellent option for those who want a more traditional look, but a new composite deck will last longer and not show wear as quickly. A composite deck needs less maintenance than a wooden one, which makes it a good long-term investment. You have many options in colors and textures with newer composite deck materials. You can create a design that fits your lifestyle now and how you intend to use your new deck.

Shorewood Deck Repair Specialists

Wolf Spirit Deck is a deck builder with an experienced team that provides deck resurfacing, deck repair, wooden deck installation, and composite deck design. They can also help with your new pergola. If it is time to get your deck ready for summer entertaining, contact us to see if Shorewood deck repair or deck resurfacing is an option. When it is time for a new deck, our professionals can help you build one that suits your lifestyle and will give you many years of enjoyment