Oswego Deck Resurfacing Makes Your Deck New Again

Oswego, IL is a Chicago suburb that offers a quiet village atmosphere not far from the amenities of the big city. It has a slower pace of life, and many choose to live in Oswego and work in the city. Fox Valley Winery is a favorite hang-out for locals, and the kids can enjoy the Prairie Point Splash Playground. After a day of exploring the natural parks and amenities the town has to offer, you can enjoy a relaxing evening on your backyard deck. If your deck needs a facelift, an Oswego deck resurfacing professional can help.

What Is Deck Resurfacing?

The Chicagoland area is known for hot, dry summers and harsh winters. If you have a wooden deck, these temperature changes can damage your deck over time. Also, wooden decks need to be maintained to avoid fading, chipped or cracked paint, and rough boards. Changing temperatures can cause screws and nails to loosen. This can cause boards to split and shift.

The good news is that if your deck looks faded and worn, Oswego deck resurfacing can make it look new again. You can once again enjoy your deck at a much lower cost than a replacement. Deck resurfacing is more than applying a new paint or stain. Your deck contractor uses a multi-step process to thoroughly clean, sand, and apply a new paint or stain. You can keep the same color, or this might be a good time to give it a modern update.

Can My Deck Be Resurfaced?

The deck resurfacing process begins with a thorough inspection by your deck contractor. This is to see if any repairs need to be made before it can be resurfaced. You can still have your deck resurfaced if it only needs a few boards replaced. Major structural damage that makes the deck unsafe means that it might not be a candidate for resurfacing. Decks with cosmetic damage can be resurfaced, but this is not an option for those that need major repairs. If the damage is excessive, then it might be time for a new composite deck that will last for many years and is a lower-maintenance option than a wooden deck.

Deck resurfacing will give your old, tired deck a new life. It can help to delay a complete replacement of your deck for many years. Deck resurfacing can add value to your home by making your backyard look new. A deck that has gray, faded boards that are split does not create a good impression. Also, older boards can have splinters, making them unsuitable for walking barefoot. Deck resurfacing can fix these problems and make your deck a place where you want to spend time once again.

Oswego Deck Resurfacing Professional

Wolf Spirit Deck has been serving the Chicago area for many years and is the deck builder people trust. We can help with deck resurfacing or the installation of a long-lasting composite deck. Our team can help you decide if deck resurfacing is an option for you. Many of our clients are pleasantly surprised with the results of deck resurfacing. We have the equipment and knowledge to do the job right.

Contact our team to schedule your initial inspection and see if Oswego deck resurfacing is the right option for you.