Deck Lights

The right lighting can set the mood and create an ambiance that transforms your deck into the perfect space for enjoying family and friends. Lighting is what takes the design from average to spectacular. Now, you have so many different styles and types that the possibilities for design are almost endless.

We can install lighting for the steps for greater visibility and safety. We can also install deck railing lighting that will create a welcoming glow. Choices range from LED to solar and string lights. We can install deck lighting that matches your landscape lighting perfectly and enhances the design.

Lighting can be used to draw attention to an outdoor feature of the landscape or architecture. It can also be used to set the mood and provide lighting for dining at night. The best part about adding lighting is that it allows you to create a unique outdoor space with little else needed.

You can choose from post cap lights that seal off your posts and add an artistic touch during the day and a beautiful ambiance at night. You can choose side-mount lights that cast a glow on your posts to highlight certain areas of your deck. Under-rail lights are perfect for small spaces where a low-profile design is needed. They are discrete and barely visible during the day.

Stair and step lights are a necessity for any deck, and you have many options for placing them in the risers, along the perimeter of your deck, or directly into the deck boards themselves. Deck lighting immediately makes your outdoor area look more elegant and welcoming. It is an inexpensive way to give your outdoor space a new look and an upgrade that enhances your landscape.

Deck lighting allows you to enjoy your space after the sun goes down and get more enjoyment for it. Deck lighting transforms your deck into the perfect space for evening entertaining and celebrations. Whether you need to light an area for activities, or you want a few accent lights, Wolf Spirit Deck can help you transform your deck into the outdoor space of your dreams. Now, many options are available that allow you to have the lighting installed in a way that is unobtrusive during the day and that provides exactly the light that you need after dark.

Low voltage lighting is available that provides reliability and consistency over time. Other features that you can add to your deck lighting include dimmer switches, hourly timers, and a variety of bulb shapes and colors. Our installers will install your lighting professionally and according to local electrical codes. You have many reasons for installing various types of lighting on your deck, and Wolf Spirit Deck will be happy to help you choose the right lighting for your home and install it professionally for you.

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