Orland Park Deck Lighting Ideas

Orland Park Deck Lighting Ideas

Orland Park, IL, is one of the older suburbs on the southern side of Chicago. It is about 20 minutes from downtown and offers a quiet suburban setting. The was first settled as Orland in 1834. Today, the village has everything from over 60 parks and natural areas within its border to a sports complex. It is an excellent place for families because it has plenty of family-friendly activities. The suburban setting is an excellent place for an outdoor deck for you to enjoy after a day at the Sportsplex or exploring one of the many natural areas. This year lighting is making news in the world of outdoor living, and Wolf Spirit is a deck builder who offers the latest trends.

Choosing the Right Lighting

Today, you have many lighting options that can make your composite deck stand out. Multi-level decks and designs that have a space for everything you like to do are the latest trends that you will be seeing over the next year. Hiring an Orland Park deck contractor is an excellent way to get advice on choosing the right deck lighting for you. Some of these new options can set the mood on your deck for a beautiful evening.

Custom Deck Lights

Today, you do not have to stick with one type of light or lighting fixture. You can install a combination of step lights, highlight walkways, or use overhead string lights for some mood lighting. You can install spotlights or bulbs of different colors to create the perfect ambiance. There are no longer any rules and you can combine modern and vintage lighting fixtures in the same setting for a unique look.

Deck Smart Lighting

Smart lighting that can be controlled through your phone or other smart devices is another option that is gaining popularity. You can set the lighting to turn off and on at a certain time of day to make sure the lighting greets you with the perfect mood. This can also help you save electricity costs and will ensure you never forget to turn off the deck lights. It is convenient and an innovation in deck lighting that is gaining ground.

Deck Highlight Special Features

Today’s deck lighting choices let you play a little and have fun. Why not choose color-changing lights that add personality to your space? You can even find lighting that responds to musical cues from the sound system. Accent lighting that highlights planters, a fireplace, or comfortable seating is another way to create magic in your backyard. You can use lighting to design an immersive environment for the things you love to do throughout the day and evening.

Hire an Orland Park Deck Builder for All Deck Lighting Options

If you are ready to install a new deck or have an older wooden deck that needs resurfacing before you install the lighting, we are a Chicagoland deck contractor who has many options. Wolf Spirit Deck has been a trusted deck building in the Orland Park and Chicagoland areas for over 10 years. We can help you with the entire process from the design to the final build. Our team has gained an excellent reputation for design expertise and quality. We treat you the way we would want to be treated. Contact us when you are ready to transform your backyard into a place that you and your family can enjoy.