Naperville Deck Lighting Ideas

Naperville Deck Lighting Ideas

Situated along the banks of the DuPage River, Naperville is a beautiful Chicagoland suburb located just 30 miles outside the city. The defining feature of Naperville is the Naperville Riverwalk that offers a series of paths and bridges curving around the riverbank to provide endless leisure and recreation. Of course, many local homeowners use the inspiration of the famed river to create park-like settings in their own yards. That's why you might be looking for a deck builder to help you create a stunning new addition to your property. The advice that you'll get from any modern deck contractor is that lighting is one of the best ways to boost the beauty and usability of your deck. Here's what you need to know about Naperville deck lighting.

Why You Should Consider Deck Lighting

Many people don't even use their decks after dark after putting time, effort, and money into building something beautiful. The reason why is because their decks are too dark. Without lighting, a deck becomes both inconvenient and unsafe after dark. Here are the top reasons to consider deck lighting:

• A well-lit deck can help to prevent trips and falls.
• Deck lighting can make a deck and yard appear bigger.
• Having lighting allows you to grill at night.
• When homes have pools or hot tubs, deck lighting makes nighttime soaks and swims much safer!

Deck lighting can also make you feel safer even if you're indoors at night. In homes with large glass doors or windows overlooking decks, being able to keep the deck illuminated at night can make a homeowner feel safer because they can see everything going on in the yard. If you live in a wooded area, deck lighting also makes it possible to spot animals that might be prowling!

Tips for Adding Lighting to Your Deck in Naperville

Deck lighting is the feature that turns an ordinary deck into a masterpiece! What are the big trends in deck lighting at the moment? Here's a look at some of the options we've installed recently for our Naperville clients here at Wolf Spirit Deck:

• LED lighting.
• Solar lighting.
• String lighting.
• Under-rail lighting.
• Side-mount lighting.
• Stair and step lighting.
• Riser lighting.
• Perimeter lighting.
• Deck-board lighting.
• Custom lighting tailored to your landscape.
• Lighting with dimmers, switches, or hourly timers.

Our pros can map out a plan for lighting that provides all of the light you need after dark without being obtrusive during the day. In addition, we prioritize low-voltage and energy-efficient options that allow you to enjoy reliable and consistent lighting using a variety of different bulbs. Rest assured that our work will always be designed to meet all local electrical codes.

Talk to a Top-Rated Naperville Deck Contractor About Adding Deck Lighting

Are you looking for a quote for deck lighting in Naperville, Illinois? Wolf Spirit Deck is the premier deck company serving the Chicago area. Our team is happy to show you the latest in deck lighting to create the inviting, high-visibility area you'd like to have in your yard. If you're starting from scratch, we can also provide a quote for a wooden deck, composite deck, or deck resurfacing project with lighting worked in. Contact Wolf Spirit Deck for a pressure-free, commitment-free quote for no cost!