Naperville Deck Resurfacing

Does Your Naperville Deck Look a Little Worn?

Naperville, IL is a beautiful, peaceful suburb located west of downtown Chicago. This quiet village has plenty of parks and natural areas to enjoy. Its scenic streets contain a mix of modern and historic homes. After an afternoon of enjoying the scenery of the Riverwalk, you can come home to relax on your backyard deck. If you are thinking that your deck is no longer the place of peace that it used to be, then it might be time to explore your options with a professional Chicagoland deck contractor.

How Long Do Wooden Decks Last?

Wooden decks first became popular in the 1980s as a way to extend the interior space to the outdoors. Back then, wooden decks were your only option, and this is what many still think is the only choice. Wooden decks have a certain charm, but they also need regular maintenance and upkeep.

On average, you can expect a wooden deck to last about 10-15 years. With attention and care, they can last up to 20 years, but eventually, they will wear out. Wood can be made to last a long time, but it is biodegradable and will begin to decay, eventually. Weather and wear take their toll. If your deck is ready for a refresh, it is good to know that replacement might not be your only option.

What Is Deck Resurfacing?

A deck with peeling paint, grayed wood, or scratches and gouges might look bad, but if the structure is still sound, you might not need to replace it. Deck resurfacing involves stripping the old surface away and refinishing it. A deck resurfacing contractor can do any necessary minor repairs and make your old deck look new again at a fraction of the cost of a new deck.

Alternatives and Upgrades to Wooden Decks in Naperville

If you like the look of wood but do not like the upkeep, you could choose to have the decking boards replaced with composite deck material. This option requires less upkeep and is longer lasting than wood. Composite deck also allows you to choose from more color options, too.

This is also a good time to make any changes or upgrades that you have been thinking about. You might install a new railing system or put in additional steps. It is also a good time to add features, like benches, planters, or accent lighting. Many Naperville homeowners are surprised at how much of an improvement these little upgrades and additions can make.

Deck Resurfacing in Naperville

Regardless of the option you choose, the process begins with a consultation and planning. We work with you to make sure your deck is the way you want it. Deck resurfacing is an excellent alternative for restoring an old deck that still has some life left in it. The best way to find out if your deck can be restored or if replacement is your best option is to contact a trusted, local professional to come out and take a look. Wolf Spirit Decks is a Naperville deck builder with a team that has over a decade of experience serving Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Contact us at Wolf Spirit Decks, and one of our team can help you decide whether deck resurfacing is the right option for you.