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New Trends in Outdoor Deck Design in Naperville

If you are an outdoor enthusiast and love to spend time outdoors, then Naperville, IL is an excellent match. It is located west of Chicago, and you are close enough to enjoy the amenities of the city while coming home to a peaceful, quiet neighborhood. Naperville is an excellent place to install a backyard deck that offers a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Wolf Spirit Decks is a premier deck contractor that can install decks from modern to traditional.

Naperville Trends In Backyard Decks

Wooden decks are what many people think of when they consider a backyard deck, but now, you have many more options than in the past. Composite deck material is becoming more popular because it requires less maintenance and lasts longer. In the past, the primary purpose of a deck was for sitting outside. Now, homeowners are transforming them into an area for entertaining and family activities. You might choose to install an outdoor kitchen and dining space, lighting, or treat it as a multi-season space by adding an enclosure. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, deck designers take a modern, customized approach to creating a space that supports the things you like to do in your outdoor space. Here are a few of the more popular trends.

Enclosed Rooms

For those who love the fresh air but do not love the mosquitos and sun beating down, an enclosed deck might be the right choice. You can create an outdoor room that is screened-in or that has sunshades installed. This option allows you to use your deck in the rain or shine.

Modern Skirting

In the past, people did not pay attention to the space beneath the deck. When neglected, this space can become an eyesore that detracts from the look of your backyard. It is also a place for animals to hide. Putting modern skirting around your deck solves many of these issues and gives it a nice, finished look.

Add Counter Space and Storage

Recent trends in modern home design favor multi-functional spaces, and this trend now extends to the outside, too. If you have a grille or outdoor kitchen on your deck, you might think about adding an outdoor countertop with extra storage space underneath. You could also add storage benches or other elements to make it an extension of your home.

Do You Need a Deck Refresh in Naperville?

Maybe it is not time for a new deck, but your old one is looking a little worn. If the structural components of your deck are still good, then you might be able to give it a new look with deck resurfacing. This process can strip away the peeling paint, sand away the gray surface, and smooth any gouges or scratches. Then, a new color and sealer are applied. Deck resurfacing can make your old deck look new again and transform it into a space you want to enjoy.

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