Naperville Deck Repair

Naperville Deck Repair

Founded in 1831, Naperville is a slice of paradise on the DuPage River. In fact, this city that is famed for being "a year older than Chicago" attracts countless visitors to its view-filled Riverwalk daily. Visitors enjoy the peacefulness of the curved paths and bridges that follow the river's banks. Naperville also pampers both guests and residents with great dining, cultural attractions, and museums. If you're one of the lucky residents calling Naperville home, there's no doubt that you take pride in your property. That may be why you're looking for a deck contractor to answer a few questions about deck repairs. When your deck is in bad shape, you lose your ability to relax, entertain, and play. Here's what you need to know.

Deck Repair Options in Naperville, IL

The good news is that you may be able to save your Naperville deck if you've noticed some issues that compromise its beauty and function. The most common way that decks are repaired and restored today is through a process called deck resurfacing. Unlike a new deck build, deck resurfacing allows you to keep the main frame of your deck in place. This can significantly cut down on the time, cost, and complexity involved with the project.

Each deck resurfacing project is customized based on the condition of your Naperville deck. However, the basic function of deck resurfacing is to replace deck boards that are rotting, damaged, or faded. Many people choose composite decking when doing deck resurfacing because this option protects your deck against the common issues experienced by wood boards. During a deck resurfacing project, all deck boards are removed. The goal is to keep the existing deck frame and foundation in place. Your deck contractor will then assess the deck frame to look for areas that need to be reinforced or replaced. Next, the boards that you've selected will be placed over the existing deck. Railings and stairs can also be replaced at this time.

One of the benefits of redoing your Naperville deck this way is that you can give it a complete makeover! While you aren't spending money on a full deck rebuild, anyone who looks at your repaired deck will see a completely different deck. You will have the ability to choose new board colors and grains. You can also add modern railings that update your deck with a sleek, streamlined look.

Book a Quote for Deck Repairs in Naperville, IL

Wolf Spirit Decks specializes in deck repair for decks of all styles, ages, and materials. Our team will be happy to come out to assess your deck to let you know about the best option for getting your deck restored back to its full glory. Naperville Deck resurfacing is one of the easiest ways to take your deck from a wooden deck to composite deck without tearing it down completely. In addition to performing a deck makeover, our team can also simply make repairs that can prevent your deck from becoming dangerous. Wobbling or rotting boards anywhere on your deck create risks for collapse.

Don't live with deck worries for another day! Wolf Spirit Decks can help you get your deck ready for company. Give us a call today to get a quote for deck repairs in Naperville and the rest of the Chicago suburbs.