Shorewood Composite Deck Builder

New Trends in Shorewood Composite Deck Design

This is the year to transform your backyard into the perfect outdoor living space in Shorewood, IL. After a day of visiting the splash park, strolling the shores of lakes, and enjoying the many events at the Town Center, a backyard deck is the perfect way to relax. Here are a few new deck trends that will spark your imagination, so you can help your Shorewood deck contractor envision your dream deck.

New Design Options in Deck Materials

A wooden deck is a popular choice for a traditional deck, but today’s composite deck materials offer many more design options. One of the more recent trends is using two different colors to create a two-tone deck. You can choose complementary boards and design them in stripes, checkerboard patterns, or create a unique border. You can do anything that you can do with a parquet floor, only you have a wider range of colors than with a traditional wooden deck.

Another idea is to create zones for different activities. Everyone in your family might want to use the deck differently. For instance, you might want to include a space for dining together as a family, for meditation and yoga, or for the children to play games. Perhaps, you would like to add space for an outdoor movie screen or hot tub. Composite deck material allows Shorewood homeowners to create zones that give everyone their own space to enjoy their favorite outdoor activities.

Add a Few Deck Features

Today, people are rethinking the traditional use of their deck and treat it as an extension of the home. You might want to add a space for an outdoor kitchen, bar, or an area around a chiminea. Adding greenery and plants to your outdoor space creates a serene and cozy feel. When you talk to your deck contractor about your new deck, you might want to mention a way to include railing planters, hanging baskets from a pergola, seating with planters incorporated into the design, or spaces for large plant pots.

Lighter neutral tones are one of the most recent color trends in decks. They allow you to add colorful accessories, like trendy tables and outdoor furniture. When you change the color of your deck, one thing you might want to consider is lighting. Perhaps, you have an area that you want to spotlight at night. Deck lighting can also light the path and make getting around easier. Adding the right lighting can transform your deck and give it a new look at a minimal cost.

Find a Professional Local Shorewood Deck Builder

With so many new options to consider when you decide to build a new deck or upgrade an existing one, it is good to know that you have design professionals in the local Chicago area who can help you create the perfect space for you and your family. Wolf Spirit Deck has over a decade of experience building quality decks that transform Chicagoland backyards into an oasis for entertaining. If you already have a deck that is in good repair but is showing its age on the surface, deck resurfacing can often restore it and give it a new life at a much lower cost than building a new one. Our deck-building specialists can help you make your dreams a reality. Contact us, and one of our team will get in touch with you to begin your journey to the perfect Shorewood backyard.