Oswego Deck Builder

New Trends for Your Oswego Deck

The Village of Oswego, IL is a beautiful suburb of Chicago, IL. It is a haven for fitness enthusiasts and families with a large network of parks and trails. It has several splash parks, a skate park, and the Fox Valley Winery. There is plenty to do in the area for everyone. After a day out, it is nice to go home for a relaxing evening on your backyard deck. Wolf Spirit Deck is an Oswego deck builder who can help you design a deck that is perfect for your active lifestyle.

Latest Trends in Oswego Decks

Several trends have been dominating the world of deck building. One of them is treating your outdoor space as an extension of your indoor space. You can add an outdoor kitchen, built-in seating space, and add a feature firepit. You also have many new choices in materials and overall design.

Sustainable Building Materials

Many still prefer the look of a wooden deck, but new composite materials are the greener choice. They last longer than a wooden deck and require less maintenance. Composite decks are durable, stain resistant, and you can find some that are made from recycled wood materials. They require fewer chemicals to maintain them, and you do not have to worry about getting splinters in your feet. If you already have a deck that just needs a little TLC, deck resurfacing is an economical choice to give it a refresh.

Color Trends

Gray is a color that has found its way into interiors for those who like a minimalist and uncluttered design. Now, you can extend this same concept to your outdoor space. Gray is becoming an increasingly popular color for outdoor spaces, and new composite materials give you plenty of choices. You can pair it with classic white, or you can give it an elegant look with navy railings. There is nothing that says you can’t add a pop of burgundy or green to create a unique look and feel.

Spaces for the Way You Live

One of the most popular design trends is including spaces designated around the things you like to do. Do you like to entertain, enjoy nights by a cozy fire, like to do yoga on your deck, or watch movies with the family? You can tell us how you like to use the space, and we can create an area that has designated areas for everything you like to do. We can create multiple levels that allow you to create a deck that is a work of art and suits your life perfectly.

Wolf Spirit Deck is the team of professionals to call when you need an Oswego deck builder. We have over a decade of experience creating masterpieces that transform backyards in the Chicagoland area into places to relax. If you are thinking of a new wooden deck or composite deck, our professionals will help you create the space of your dreams. For those who have a deck that has seen better days but could use a facelift, we provide professional deck resurfacing services that will make it look new again. Contact us, so our team can discuss your backyard dreams and start planning the perfect Oswego space.