6 Signs Your Deck Needs Repair

The Village of Plainfield, Illinois is a beautiful area on the outskirts of the Chicago area. Plainfield homeowners enjoy a beautiful community with lots to do in the area for families. Whether you would like to build a new deck, pergola, gazebo, or pavilion, Wolf Spirit Decks in Plainfield, Illinois can help you create the perfect backyard space. If your deck is looking a little tired, here are six signs that it might be time to call a professional.

1. Peeling or Flaking Paint

Many reasons exist for peeling or flaking paint. Sometimes, it is simply due to age. Repainting our deck is a regular maintenance task that you must do if you have a wood deck.

2. Split or Cracked Boards

Split or cracked boards are a problem that will only get worse with time and can break completely. This can happen due to the age of the deck, adverse weather conditions, or failure to keep the deck maintained.

3. Wood Looks Grey

If the wood on your deck has turned gray and faded, deck resurfacing can restore its beauty and give it a fresh update. Wood that looks dry and faded needs to be taken care of as soon as possible because it will only deteriorate more quickly in the future. Having your deck resurfaced will help preserve its lifespan and restore it to its original beauty.

4. Mold, Mildew, and Rot

If your deck has developed mold or mildew, these components need to be resurfaced or replaced before they continue to decay further. It is important to examine your support posts, especially where they have contact with the ground. Some mold and mildew are just on the surface, but it is always best to have a professional do an inspection to make sure that structural damage has not already occurred.

5. Raised Screws and Nails

If the screws and nails on your deck have raised, it is a sign that weather has caused the deck to expand and contract. This can compromise the integrity of the deck. Sometimes, they just need to be hammered back into place, but it can also be a sign that the wood is starting to lose its integrity and rot.

6. Spongy Wood

If the wood on your deck feels spongy and soft when you walk on it, then you need to call a death professional right away. This is a sign that your wood is rotting and has lost its integrity. This can create a dangerous situation, but fortunately, Wolf Spirit can often repair your deck without needing to replace it.

Wolf Spirit Deck offers composite deck material and traditional wood decks for homeowners in the Chicago area. We also offer deck resurfacing that can make your old one look new again. Wolf Spirit Decks has provided Chicagoland homeowners with beautiful decks that transform backyards and create beautiful masterpieces for over ten years. We specialize in design, installation, resurfacing, and other deck needs. Contact us and one of our professionals will get in touch to discuss your backyard dreams.